Where Does CapCut Save Videos?

When you get into online content creation, the number of available tools for video editing can be overwhelming, with so many options to choose from that it can feel like a maze!Enter CapCut. This cross-platform video editing app is a go-to tool for many creators, packing all the essential editing features, AI-powered tools, and more.

It comes from ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. It includes a massive copyrighted music library and stock assets you can use for your short-form content. The best part? it’s completely free to use and doesn’t show any ads.

Chances are you’ve recently switched to CapCut to experiment with your content creation, now left wondering where your edited masterpieces are stored. Well, by default, CapCut saves your videos right within the app, accessible via the “Local” or “My Drafts” section. Hence, it’s easy to find and continue working on your projects.

If that doesn’t fully answer your question, we understand – which is why we’ve prepared this guide to tell you everything you need to know regarding where does CapCut saves videos across different devices and platforms.

Where Does CapCut Save Videos?

Where Does CapCut Save Videos?

When you export your video, you can choose to save it to your device’s internal storage or an SD card if your device supports it. Plus, you can control where your videos go via the project settings within CapCut. By default, however, the editing app saves your videos in specific folders, depending on the device you’re using.


On your iPhone or iPad, your videos are stored within the “CapCut” folder found in the Files app. Alternatively, you can also access them through the Photos app.


When using CapCut on an Android phone or tablet, you’ll find your exported videos in the “CapCut” folder, which the app auto-generates the first time you launch it.

You can find this folder and the saved videos using a file management app on your device. We recommend using the Files by Google app, though depending on your device model, there may already be a “File Manager” pre-installed.

In the file manager, select “Internal Storage” and navigate to the DCIM or Movies folder. Then look for the “CapCut” folder within, and locate the specific video you need.

It’s worth noting that you can easily access your CapCut-exported media from your device’s Gallery, Photos, or Videos app.

PC (Windows / macOS)

When using CapCut on Windows or Mac, your exported videos are stored in the directory you selected during the “Export” phase.

By default, the app saves videos in the following location on Windows:

C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\CapCut\User Data\Projects\com.lveditor.draft

Where Does CapCut Save Videos on PC

For macOS users, CapCut saves videos in:

/Users/[Device]/Movies/CapCut/User Data/Projects/com.lveditor.draft

How to Export Your Projects in CapCut?

As you import your video files in a CapCut project and edit them, the app auto-saves your progress as a draft, which you can access anytime within the “Edit” tab on the main menu or the “Projects” page. But once it’s time to export your creation, here are simple steps on how to save your edited work in CapCut swiftly:

iOS / Android

  • In the CapCut app, tap the draft or project you wish to export under the “Edit” section.
  • Provided you’re done with the editing, tap the Export icon in the upper-right corner.

In a few moments, you should see the “Ready to share: Saved to device and projects” message. You can also choose to share the video instantly to TikTok and other social media apps directly via CapCut.

Windows / macOS

  • Launch CapCut from your desktop and choose the video project you want to save in the “Projects” menu.
  • With your editing work completed, click the Export button in the top-right section.

Export Your Projects in CapCut

  • Adjust the “Export” settings to your preference. You can manually set where to save the video using the “Export to” option.
  • Finally, hit Export and wait for the process to finish. It may take several minutes depending on the video resolution, length, edits, and your hardware.

With your video successfully exported, click the “Open folder” button for quick access to the folder where the file is saved. Or you can instantly share the video to TikTok or YouTube from the CapCut app.

Note: Capcut also offers free limited cloud storage, meaning you have the option to save your projects online and download them to your local storage anytime.

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Does CapCut Store Your Videos?

CapCut primarily focuses on providing editing features and tools for new and experienced content creators alike. However, for a video editing app, it collects a staggering amount of user data, which most people seem to overlook. That doesn’t come as a surprise; after all, ByteDance owns CapCut, the same company that owns TikTok.

As per Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store listing for CapCut, the app collects a whole lot of personally identifiable info, e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, locations, app activities, device IDs, diagnostics for analytics, and more. It even includes user content, i.e., images and videos you create, upload, and generate within the video editor.

We suggest looking into Capcut’s Privacy Policy documentation for more details. But from what we understand, CapCut uses the collected information as a means to improve user experience and develop new features.

Provided you’re comfortable with ByteDance handling your data, you can continue using CapCut for your video editing tasks. If you prefer not to share your data with a video editor app, it’s wise to skip it and explore alternative options instead.

Bottom Line

Now that you know where does Capcut saves videos and how you can export your projects on your preferred device(s), you can carry on with your content creation without doubts.

Whether you’re preparing your next viral TikTok/Reels clip or editing your videos and photos from a recent trip to post on socials, CapCut provides everything you need to achieve your creative goals.

If you still have trouble finding your saved CapCut projects or exporting them, we’re here to help. Just let us know in the comments!

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