Telegram Stuck on Connecting (Easy Fixes)

With over 800 million monthly active users, Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging services that allow users to get in touch with their contacts over texts, voice, and video calls comfortably and privately.

It’s free, cross-platform, highly customizable, lets you create large groups and channels, and offers loads of privacy and security features. Many regard it as a solid, more user-focused alternative to most mainstream messaging platforms, particularly Meta’s WhatsApp.

Telegram receives feature updates quite regularly, but the messaging app still manages to come to a halt every now and then – whether due to a bug, outage, or some other technical problem. Sometimes, to the user’s dismay, Telegram refuses to get past the “Connecting” or “Updating” status regardless of an active internet connection.

If your Telegram stuck on Connecting, it’s a relatively easy fix for the most part. We’ve compiled this extensive troubleshooting guide, pinpointing the various issues that could probably be causing this annoyance, with detailed steps to help you resolve it.

Telegram Stuck on Connecting: Reasons & Fixes

Telegram Stuck on Connecting

First Things First: Is Telegram Down?

The handful of times when Telegram is stuck on the “Connecting” status, it isn’t attributed to your network connection or device but to a backend error. Before you begin troubleshooting, check if Telegram servers are down for others by visiting sites like DownDetector, Is It Down Right Now, DownInspector, or Uptime.

DownDetector ( is particularly helpful as it obtains user reports to inform whether a service is down, going further with a live map highlighting local outages. See if the outage is widespread, in which case, all you can do is wait for Telegram to restore its services.

If there aren’t any reported issues, it’s most likely a connectivity problem on your end. The error could also be a temporary bug within the app itself.

For those using the mobile app, we suggest toggling Airplane Mode on and off, and if that doesn’t work, switching between Wi-Fi or cellular data or vice-versa. Assuming that doesn’t fix it, check out the solutions below.

Relaunch Telegram

The most common and effective fix to the “Telegram stuck on Connecting” error is as simple as relaunching it. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, it’s no secret closing and re-opening an app resolves UI or network-related bugs and other technical issues. Fortunately, it’s no different for Telegram.

If relaunching doesn’t work, navigate to Settings, tap the three-dot () icon at the top or Edit Profile option, and select Log Out. Then close and re-open Telegram on your device, and you should, hopefully, be able to log back in and get on chatting with your friends and family.

Relaunch Telegram

Launch as Administrator (Windows)

Is Telegram Stuck on Connecting on PC? For those using the desktop version on a Windows PC or laptop, running Telegram as an administrator might help. What it does is bypass Windows’ User Account Control restrictions, so anything preventing the app from connecting and refreshing won’t have a chance to interfere.

  • Find the Telegram shortcut on your desktop or via Search.
  • Right-click the shortcut and select Run as administrator.

Launch as Administrator

  • Confirm your choice by clicking Yes in the UAC prompt that appears.

Launch in Compatibility Mode (Windows)

Some users on Windows have found running the app in compatibility mode to be an effective remedy to the “stuck on Connecting” issue. While it may seem odd, there’s no reason for you not to give it a try regardless.

  • Close Telegram completely by right-clicking the taskbar icon and choosing Quit Telegram.
  • Right-click the Telegram shortcut and select Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for.” Make sure it’s on Windows 8.
  • Click Apply to save the changes, then OK to close the Properties window.

Now, launch the Telegram app to see if running it in compatibility mode has solved the issue. No? Well, you still have plenty of fixes to go through.

Restart Your Device

If relaunching Telegram doesn’t fix it, rebooting the entire device might do the job. For all we know, it could be some unusual network bug preventing Telegram from establishing a stable connection to the servers. Restarting should make it go away, so give it a try.

On a phone, long-press the Power button (sometimes alongside either Volume keys) and select the Restart or Reboot option. If you’re on a PC, open Start (Windows) or the Apple menu (macOS), go to the Power options, and select Restart.

In the meantime, we also recommend restarting your Wi-Fi router by either pressing its power switch or disconnecting the power adapter from the wall and plugging it back after 10-15 seconds. Doing so should resolve any network-related trouble causing the “stuck on Connecting” error in the first place.

Once your device reboots successfully, connect to the internet and launch the Telegram app. Verify whether you can access and interact with your chats again.

Clear App Cache

Telegram, like every other app, stores cache. It essentially means holding data temporarily to improve performance and give users instant access to recent media.

While apps maintain and manage cache intelligently, you might occasionally want to clear it yourselves as a quick and dirty means of freeing up storage space – or getting rid of corrupted cache files that might be stalling Telegram from connecting. Here’s how you do it across different devices:

Mobile (Android / iOS)

  • Launch Telegram on your Android or iOS device.
  • On Android, tap the burger () menu at the top and select Setting On iOS, tap the Settings icon in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Find and tap Data and Storage, followed by Storage Usage under the “Disk and network usage” section.

data and storage

  • Tap the Clear Cache option, followed by Clear Selected to confirm your choice.
    • From the same menu, you can also set a Maximum Cache Size to minimize excessive cache accumulation.

Clear Cache on telegram

Another way to ensure all cache files related to the Telegram app are taken care of on Android goes as follows:

  • Open Settings, navigate to Apps, and tap See all apps.
  • Next, find and select Telegram in your apps list.
  • On the “App info” page, select Storage & cache.
  • Tap the Clear Cache

Desktop (Windows / macOS)

  • Launch Telegram on your PC or Mac.
  • Expand the burger () menu from the top-left and choose Settings.
  • Click Advanced, then select Manage local storage in the “Data and storage” section.

Manage local storage

  • Click Clear all at the top to remove the Telegram cache.

Upon clearing the app cache, close and relaunch Telegram to check if it gets stuck on “Connecting” or “Updating” status anymore.

Note: All your sent and received media remains synced to the Telegram cloud and is re-downloadable at any time.


If you access Telegram via your web browser, clearing cookies and site data might be the fix. Here’s what you can do:

  • Chrome: With open, tap the slider icon on the left side of the URL bar, and select Site settings. Then click Delete data in the “Usage” section.
  • Firefox: With Telegram Web open, click the padlock icon at the left of the address bar, followed by Clear Cookies and Site Data.
  • Safari: Navigate to the Settings > Privacy menu, select Manage Website Data, find the Telegram website, and choose Remove or Remove All.

Note you’ll need to re-login to your account by scanning the QR code using the Telegram mobile app or verifying your phone number.

Update Telegram

An older app version, especially one that predates numerous backend and feature updates, will eventually break or stop working outright. Update your Telegram app to ensure you have access to the latest features and an uninterrupted chatting experience.

Some updates also come with bug fixes, which could potentially resolve whatever’s causing Telegram to be stuck on “Connecting.” App updates install automatically in most cases, but you may need to do it manually sometimes. Here’s how:

  • Android: Go to the Play Store, tap your Profile icon at the top, and select Manage apps & device. If you see an update pending for Telegram, tap the Update button next to it, or select Update all.
  • iOS: Open the App Store, tap your Profile at the top, and scroll to the “Available Updates” section to see any pending updates for the Telegram app, in which case tap the Update button next to it.
  • Windows: Launch the Microsoft Store, select Library at the bottom of the left-hand navigation pane, and click Get Updates. If a more recent version of the Telegram app is available, it’ll start downloading automatically.
  • Mac: Open the App Store, click Updates in the sidebar, and choose Update beside the Telegram app, if available.

Reinstall Telegram

If none of the above-listed fixes work, you may need to reinstall the Telegram app as a last resort, giving you a clean slate to begin with.

Once you remove or uninstall it from your mobile or computer, head to your device’s respective app store: Play Store on Android, App Store on iOS/Mac, and Microsoft Store on Windows. There, search for and download the Telegram app. It’ll always install the most up-to-date version.

Of course, you must re-login with your phone number to restore your chats. The good thing is Telegram syncs your in-app preferences to the cloud, so you don’t have to waste too much time setting things up to your preference.

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Telegram Blocked? Use a VPN

Government censorship is nothing new, and Telegram is actively blocked in several countries and territories for no given reason. Sometimes, ISPs or internet service providers block access to specific sites and services, leaving users with no easy way to access them – except for using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps and still experience the “Telegram stuck on Connecting” issue, try using a VPN client to connect to a server in another country; see if that allows you to access the messaging service.

In case you’re already using a VPN on your device (or have set it up network-wide) and Telegram is refusing to connect, consider switching to a different server or location or disconnecting from it temporarily.

Bottom Line

The listed solutions ought to help fix the “Telegram stuck on Connecting” issue. Should they fall short, you can opt to use the Telegram web client for the time being. If that doesn’t work either, maybe it’s time to reach out for help directly from Telegram. They have a support page where you can ask for assistance. Fill in the form and wait until they respond to you with an appropriate solution over email.

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