How Do I Get Freesat on LG TV? [Easy Guide]

The following guide will show you how to get Freesat on LG TV. Freesat is a household name to most of you. The joint venture between BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 4 has been offering over 160 free-to-view channels (25+ in HD) and endless hours of on-demand programmes across two million homes for well over a decade – all via satellite.

That’s right: All you need is a Freesat receiver or a TV with a built-in Freesat tuner hooked to a satellite dish to enjoy the best of linear UK television – no monthly bills or price hikes. It’s just like Freeview, with a broadly similar catalogue of channels.

Whether you’ve recently dropped your pay-TV contract or finally switched from that ageing telly to a brand-new LG set, you might wonder, “How do I get Freesat on my LG TV?” Well, you’re in good hands, as our guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Freesat on LG TV: What’s Needed?

Freesat on LG TV

Nearly every LG television manufactured in 2015 and later (and sold in the UK) comes with Freesat capabilities. Check if your TV has a satellite port (often labelled as SAT IN) at the back. Assuming it does, you’re good to go.

So, of course, the first thing you need to watch your favourite channels via Freesat on your LG TV is a satellite dish (along with the vital accessories), which you can purchase from any number of retailers within your reach. Some will even install and set the dish up for you if you ask, though you can also find a local technician for the job via

Alternatively, if you were previously a Sky customer, you should be able to repurpose your Sky Q or Sky+ dish for receiving Freesat channels, provided you haven’t detached it yet.

The Sky Q dishes, in particular, typically support wide-band LNB, meaning you can record up to four programmes simultaneously on your LG TV with a USB flash or hard disk drive connected to it.

What if My LG TV Doesn’t Support Freesat?

If your LG television isn’t Freesat-enabled, don’t worry. Freesat also sells its own set-top receiver boxes, which decode the satellite signals and send the output to your TV over HDMI.

They offer DVR and non-recordable options, both of which even allow streaming on-demand content via numerous ad-supported catch-up players and paid streaming platforms in up to 4K/UHD. You can get the Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box with up to 2 TB of storage, which lets you record up to 1000 hours of standard-definition programming!

It’s worth noting that third-party brands like Humax and Manhattan also make Freesat tuners. Some of those are quite affordable but may not be internet-enabled or have recording capabilities, such as the newer models from Freesat themselves.

How to Set Up Freesat on LG TV?

Assuming you’ve correctly installed the satellite dish (unobscured and pointed the correct way), and it’s plugged into the satellite port on your LG television, perform the following steps to receive Freesat channels:

  • Press the Settings (gear icon) button on your LG remote control.
  • Scroll down the sidebar and select All Settings ().
  • Navigate to General, choose Programmes or Channels, followed by the Programme Tuning & Settings or Channel Tuning

Programme Tuning & Settings

  • In the “Programme Tuning” wizard, select Auto Tuning, choose the Satellite mode and hit Next.

Programme Tuning

That’s it! Your LG TV will now scan and tune Freesat channels for you to enjoy. You can view them from the TV Guide menu, accessible via the “Live TV” section of your LG TV’s Home Dashboard.

In the Guide menu, you should see all the available Freesat channels in numeric order, plus a programme guide telling you what’s playing and coming up later.

Note: The above steps apply to newer LG TVs running a more recent version of webOS. If you have an older model, refer to your TV’s user manual.

Video Guide: Programme tuning on your LG TV

Steps For Those Using a Freesat Box

If you’ve bought a separate Freesat tuner/receiver for your LG TV, simply connect it to your TV using the supplied HDMI cable. You must also plug the satellite cable(s) from your dish into the box’s RF IN port(s). Depending on the model, you may connect the Freesat box to your modem or router using an Ethernet cord for wired internet.

With both your LG TV and Freesat receiver powered on, switch to the respective HDMI source on your TV and follow the first-time setup prompts using the set-top box remote. Later, you can set up your LG remote control to work with the Freesat box (if supported).

How to Record Freesat Programmes on LG TV?

Now that you can tune in to hundreds of Freesat channels on your LG TV, you may be looking for a way to record your favourite shows. Luckily, LG televisions also have DVR functionality. Here’s how to record your Freesat programmes:

  • Insert a USB storage device (thumb drive or external hard drive) into one of the USB ports on your TV.
  • Press the Home remote button to bring up the Home Dashboard. Then scroll down to the “Live TV” section and select View TV Guide.

Record Freesat Programmes on LG TV

  • Highlight the show/programme you wish to record in the programme guide.
  • Click the Info Menu icon next to the programme title.
  • On the programme preview page, select the Record
    • You can choose to record the selected episode only or the complete series.

To access your recorded programming, navigate to the Home Dashboard menu and select the Mass Storage (USB) option. Then, choose Recordings, after which you simply need to pick the content to watch.

Video Guide: How to record your TV programme

If you’re using a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box, simply press the R button on the included remote while highlighting a programme in the TV Guide menu or watching a show live. You can then find your recordings via the Home > Recordings menu.

What About On-Demand Content?

Internet-enabled Freesat boxes feature a diverse lineup of catch-up/on-demand services, giving viewers free, ad-supported access to thousands of hours of streaming content. This includes up to a month of catch-up episodes of your favourite dramas, sitcoms, thrillers, and reality programmes, plus complete box sets, streaming exclusives, blockbuster films, etc.

The good news is you’ll find the majority of these services on your LG Smart TV, including BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4, My5, UKTV Play, STV Player, and France 24. As for paid subscription apps, there’s BritBox, Netflix, Prime Video, and more. All these streamers are downloadable via your TV’s Content Store, though compatibility may differ.

Of course, an active broadband connection is necessary for streaming on-demand content, preferably 15 Mbps or faster, for an optimal, uninterrupted experience.

What Channels Do Freesat Offer?

As mentioned, Freesat carries 160+ free-to-view channels, including 20+ HD ones. Notable examples include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and all their sister channels, and even more airing entertainment, kids, news, and sports content.

One great thing about Freesat is the content is delivered via satellite. Hence, you’ll have access to all the channels regardless of wherever you are in the UK. That’s assuming the satellite dish is installed and positioned correctly by a professional.

And because of how satellite TV works, the Freesat broadcast is more resilient to blackouts by adverse weather conditions, unlike Freeview, which uses aerial antennas and is therefore more susceptible to reception issues.

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Final Words

Freesat-enabled LG TVs are in abundance, so as long as you have the essential hardware, you can enjoy your favourite UK channels and programmes on the big screen without paying a single dime.

This guide has covered a range of queries you may have regarding Freesat on LG TV. But if something remains unclear to you, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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